Victoria’s Secret is under fire for this photo — and it highlights a big problem for the business

Victoria’s Secret is under fire for this poor retouching job posted on its Facebook timeline.

To see the full photo and all of its unfortunate gaffes, (Warning: It’s NSFW)

Commenters are appalled at how poorly the company edited the photo. The backlash highlights how Victoria’s Secret is at risk of losing potential customers by editing photos of already-thin models.

“Man, why can’t they just leave photos alone? I can see removing a distracting mole or pimple but that should be it,” one woman wrote.

“Her left butt cheek is missing and a chunk out of her right arm,” another woman wrote.

“What a strange picture. Certainly not normal looking and the touching up is very obvious. Why? This is just weird,” a third woman wrote.

We reached out to the company for comment.

Victoria’s Secret has a history with poorly altered photos of its models. In a recent roundup of some of the worst retail Photoshop disasters of all time, the lingerie retailer made the list several times.

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