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The ‘world’s hottest math teacher’ has a PhD in engineering and models for Armani

28-year-old Peitro Boselli went viral in 2015 after one of his University College London students posted a picture of him on Facebook.

“That moment when you realized your maths lecturer is one of the top designer model[s],” Arief Azli wrote. The post ended up getting nearly 2,000 likes. Boselli was called the “world’s hottest math teacher” by publications ranging from People Magazine to The Guardian.

The Italian-born Boselli was then a UCL visiting lecturer getting his PhD in mechanical engineering. Today? He has his PhD — his graduation ceremony is this September — and he’s now signed on to an Armani campaign.

Keep reading to meet Boselli, who now has 885,000 followers on Instagram.

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Pietro Boselli was born in Negrar, Italy.

Saving a summer selfie for a rainy day ..

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He moved to London in 2007 to get his Mechanical Engineering degree at University College London.


The 28-year-old won over the internet in 2015 when his stint as a hot math teacher went viral after a student shared his picture on Facebook.

Gorgeous place with awesome people .. Happy weekend! 🌻

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Boselli said he taught a few subjects including Modeling and Analysis, Computing, and Thermodynamics.

Visiting Harvard today .. Thank you Marc for showing us around 👍

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He finished lecturing in 2015 and received his PhD.

Sleepy feeling on a late afternoon of the Sicilian autumn .. It's quite a thing!

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Boselli now has his first major modeling deal with Armani. He’ll be the face of Giorgio Armani’s EA7 athletic-inspired line.

Home 🌼🌄

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It’s not the first time Boselli has worked with Armani. He was actually discovered by the designer when he was six years old in 1995.


He also worked as a runway model for Armani after he turned 18 and has worked on campaigns with Moschino, Equinox, and Vogue.


n February 2016, Boselli launched a website as well as a YouTube channel to keep his fans apprised of his latest adventures.

My first video is up! Check out my channel! Link in bio! 💥 Also, check out my website up today www.pietroboselli.com

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One of his passions is fitness. Boselli will often post about his routine on his website and Instagram. He says he sometimes goes to the gym two or three times a day.

Rachel walking in the gym .. 😄

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It definitely shows.

Had the pleasure to meet @marianovivanco today! 💥📷

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He started swimming when he was five years old before getting into trail and cross-country running.

Winter outdoor swim ❄️ boosts circulation, gets metabolism up to speed and strengthens immune system!

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Now, he’s all about strength training.

Early morning workout before heading back to London! Gareth showing what big effort looks like 😆

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“I always believed that fitness is about lifestyle, more than anything,” Boselli wrote on his website. “Walking to places, taking the stairs, being up early in the morning, embracing outdoor activities and putting real effort and passion in the workouts.”


Aside from his passion for engineering, modeling, and working out, Boselli is also into acting. He’s going to star in an episode of the MTV show Trippers, where he will travel to and explore New South Wales.

Pretty epic day yesterday! Ready for more! 💥💥💥 @mtvtravel_au @sydneyfun #MTVTrippers #NewSouthWales bring it on!

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Between his modeling, TV show, and YouTube channel, we’ll be seeing a lot more of Pietro Boselli.

On the way out from Location 05 studios. Thank you @adammclay for my new haircut #HairByMaclay 💥

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