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Serena Williams gives twerking lesson, Internet rejoices

Serena Williams wants to teach you how to twerk.

And some lucky bystanders recently got a front row seat for the tennis great’s video tutorial.

Williams was reportedly shooting a commercial in Florida when, during a break from filming, she decided to explain the secrets behind twerking.

“Twerking is a very popular dance right now,” Williams says at the beginning of the video which emerged online Tuesday. “Here’s how you twerk.”

“Squeeze those quads… squeeze the glutes.. engage your thighs… take a wide stance… and slowly slide down.”

“Slowly relax, and twerk and five, and four, three more.”

Williams even went cheek to cheek with a passerby so that she could do a proper demonstration.

Her friend Wally even joined in and then jokingly proclaimed, “Oh my back. I can’t do it.”

Williams then found a new partner, an older gentleman who didn’t seem to have any problems dancing along. Looks like the tennis star has another post-tennis back-up plan: Dance instructor.


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