Ohio State Stadium Renovations: Latest Details, Comments and Reaction

Ohio Stadium is one of the most legendary venues in college football, but even the most ardent fan will admit the stadium doesn’t necessarily provide the most comfortable game-day experience.

The school will be looking to change that somewhat after athletics director Gene Smith announced renovations for Ohio Stadium that begin in 2017 and end in 2020, per the school’s official athletic website.

Ohio State Stadium Renovations: Latest Details, Comments and Reaction

“We are committed to providing our fans, players and coaches with one of the best facilities in the nation,” Smith said in a statement. “We knew we had to get some of this done in order to avoid future degradation of the cement on C-deck. At the same time, we have fans requesting upgraded seating options. We see this as a great opportunity to accomplish both projects. It’s an important investment in the stadium that is beloved by so many.”

In addition to work on luxury boxes, the university will restore the upper ring of seats around the stadium, which includes re-coating the concrete foundation. The overall capacity of Ohio Stadium will decrease from 104,944 to 102,854 with the start of the 2018 season, with most of the removed seats will have had obstructed views.

The OSU Board of Trustees still needs to sign off on the improvements before the plans will go into effect.

The school last gave the Horseshoe a makeover in 2014, which included an increased capacity and pemanent lighting on the east and west sides of the stadium.

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