Let the People Play

He is that kid from grade school that annoyed you. He annoyed everyone. He had an eagle eye and made sure that the teacher knew it. He told on you not because you were doing something wrong but because he wanted to have the upper hand. Making you look bad made him look good.

You know the kid I’m talking about. He grew up to be that guy on the road that sees you trying to get into the left lane from what seems like a mile away, but will speed up so you can’t get in because by some stretch of his rules of the road, he owns the left lane.

He is the kind of guy that will attempt to slowly strip away the rights of his constituents in order to gain ground in his political agenda.

We are not pawns in your game, Eric Schneiderman. Fantasy sports is no more of a crime than your desperate attempt to keep the spotlight on your accomplishments. Your strong arm tactics and expressed opinions about daily fantasy sports are misleading and ill-informed. Fantasy sports is a game of skill and quite healthy for my Sunday enjoyment. You are better off outlawing Oreo cookies, that stuff is like crack. Let the people play.

As Attorney General, we count on you to regulate and protect our interests. You are essentially the people’s lawyer. We need you to listen to us rather than use our enjoyment against us because making us look bad doesn’t make you look good. It didn’t work in grade school and it doesn’t work now. Let the people play.

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