It hurts just to watch this college football player’s insane 60-inch box jump

Maybe you prefer a life of leisure and don’t know what a box jump is. If so, a box jump is an exercise in which you try to leap onto as high a platform as possible while sticking the landing and not falling over backwards onto your head.

Box jumps look really hard, and impressive clips comprise their own little sub-genre on the sports Internet.

But this one — allegedly a 60-inch box jump performed from a sitting start with a 10-pound weight vest on — is on a whole other level.
Our box jump hero today is Derrick Willies. Willies is a wide receiver who will play for Texas Tech next season after playing this past season at Trinity Valley Community College. But enough introduction — JUST WATCH THIS BOX JUMP!

Willies is 6-foot-4. To recap: That box he jumped on top of without falling is 60 inches tall, which is 5 feet; he had a 10-pound weight vest on.

Suffice to say, Willies bears keeping an eye on next season at Texas Tech.

By Sam Laird

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