Hong Kong egg waffles have become the newest, prettiest ice cream trend

The term “waffle cone” has a whole new meaning.

Eggloo is a new ice cream shop in New York City that uses Hong Kong-style egg waffles as cones.


The ice cream also comes with bountiful and colorful toppings including fresh fruit, candies and Asian delicacies such as mochi and Pocky.

Once you see the photos of Eggloo’s ice cream creations, you’ll be booking your next New York trip immediately.

#DoubleScoop 🍦🍦 Tag someone who is up for the challenge 😋 (📷: @_sucrosejunkie)

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Weather got you feelin' down? Brighten up your day with an Eggettes Cone! 😁☀️🍦

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By Kelly Diamond

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