Get rid of Netflix’s annoying ‘Continue Watching’ button with this extension

We’re all familiar with binge-watching shows on Netflix, only to be rudely interrupted by the prompt that asks … “Are you still watching?”


Of course, we’re still watching. We’re always watching, Netflix.

Netflix Continue Watching

The dreaded “Continue Watching” button.
Flix Assist is a Google Chrome-exclusive web extension that clicks Netflix’s Continue Watching button for you, even before you even see it, allowing you to watch Netflix unimpeded.

Not only that, Flix Assist removes the 30-second countdown timer between episodes so you don’t even have to wait for the next episode to start playing. Pair it with some other Netflix extensions and tricks and you’ll be watching your favorite shows like a pro.

To download the extension, click here.

Flix Assist creator Josh Kirk told Mashable in an email that he will likely expand on the Chrome extension and develop a version for Firefox.

If you want to stop the extension temporarily, you can right-click the Flix Assist icon in Chrome, hit Manage Extensions and uncheck the box next to Enabled. You can turn it back on the same way.

And now you won’t have to feel like these people.


By Kellen Beck

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