DeVonte Wilson’s barbell box jump seems like an impressive way to get hurt

"Don't be afraid to fail, embrace it," he says.

DeVonte Wilson has been established as an “ATHLETIC FREAK” thanks to his absolutely insane workout clips on Instagram.

If you can even call this a workout — more like taunting death.

Sure, the kid has hops, but WHAT IF ONE OF THOSE WEIGHTS FALLS. The risk seems too great for the reward, especially for a football player who’s already risking injury every game.

Wilson is definitely dedicated — you can give him props for that. Here he is doing barbell acrobatics with a boot on his foot.

Each of his posts also include a bit of motivational wisdom:

“No matter what situation you may be in, whether it is dealing with an injury, not having time to workout because of your job, or whatever the case is. Life is only as hard as you make it. ‘If you don’t have time, well simply make time’ as Arnold Schwarzenegger once said. If you really want something, you will make time for it.”

He has had his falls, too. Don’t forget to breathe while watching …

Pieces of the caption:

“This is by far the best fall I have been through.”

“Like I always say, don’t be afraid to fail, embrace it.”

“… when I hit the ground I was laughing …”

“When you fall, plan to land on your back. Because if you can look up, you can get up.”

Not so sure if the getting back up part would be possible if a ton of weights fell on top of you … definitely impressively terrifying.



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