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Rihanna wants you to dress like a genderless Japanese goth. And now you probably will.

NEW YORK — The pop star Rihanna introduced ready-to-wear to her collaboration with Puma — another entertainer who has taken on the mantle of designer. Sigh. Heavy sigh. (Still awaiting a Seventh Avenue star to announce: Look at me! I’m a rock star!) Rihanna walks the runway at the end of her fashion show. (Olivier Claisse/MCV Photo For [...]


New York’s first kava bar, Kavasutra, opens in the East Village serving sedative beverages

This is your brain on kava. Take a sip of the mind-altering beverages at Kavasutra in the East Village and you’ll get a brew made from a root with sedative and anesthetic properties to promote mind and body relaxation. “I’m dazed, but not confused,” said Tyler Blue McPerson, 29, of East Williamsburg, who downed two cups at the city’s [...]


Let the People Play


This just in….Philadelphia Eagles SUCK Monkey Cock!!!”


Battle of the craziest NFL fans: Buffalo Bills vs. Washington Redskins