Decision day in New Hampshire

(CNN)New Hampshire voters will make their choice for president in the first-in-the-nation primary contest that public opinion polls suggest could deliver victory to a pair of outsider candidates, Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Bernie Sanders. Voting booths opened across most of the Granite state at 8 a.m. ET, though a trickle of voters [...]


Democratic Debate Drinking Game 2016: Best Rules For When To Sip, Gulp And Guzzle During MSNBC Showdown

Let’s face it, watching political debates can sometimes need to be spiced up a bit to keep the attention of those watching on TV. One way to make viewing politics at work more interesting is with alcohol. We’ve created a game that involves both beer and liquor, so anyone who has to work the following day should prepare accordingly. While [...]


Let the People Play


This just in….Philadelphia Eagles SUCK Monkey Cock!!!”


Battle of the craziest NFL fans: Buffalo Bills vs. Washington Redskins