Build A Bear Workshop Announces New Batman & Superman Product

The cities of Gotham & Metropolis have new guardians and they’re the most adorable things we’ve seen yet. Later this week, Build A Bear Workshop will be releasing a brand Superman & Batman bears for fans to buy online, or bring to life in stores. But that’s not all they’re releasing.

Currently, the store only has a classic looking Batman costume available, and come Thursday in Build-A-Bear Workshop stores in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Ireland and Denmark, as well as online at, you’ll not only be able to get the new bears, but new costumes as well. So if you were looking to enact a certain showdown here’s your chance. To up the ante, they’re also releasing a bear sized Batmobile for your new fuzzy Batman to get around town with.

Batman and Superman Product Prices (USD)
· Make Your Own Batman Bear plush: $25
· Batman Bear costume: $16
· Batman 4-in-1 Sound: $7
· Batmobile (pre-stuffed): $30
· Make Your Own Superman Bear plush: $25
· Superman Bear costume: $16
· Superman 6-in-1 Sound: $7

By James Viscardi

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